Definition Of Salaryitis

Definition Of Salaryitis A job has a tendency to kill off ambition we call it "Salaryitis," which means that we accept our fate because we form the habit of daily routine, a habit that finally becomes so strong we cease to try to throw it off. The Future Millionaires Club was develop for this primary reason. Members form the habit of looking around, of observing how others get ahead, of seeing opportunity, and of embracing it without hesitation.

Why should I join the Future Millionaires Club

Why should I join the Future Millionaires Club Because it's the only social network or club that gives you the encouragement, help and direction to bootstrap yourself into your own business or increase your income in your existing business. If you're tired of working for someone else and want to become your own boss...if you have a product or an idea for a product and want to know how to market it... if you're in your own business and want to increase your sales... than this club can be the most profitable and exciting organization you have ever joined in your entire life.

A weekly paycheck is not security it's a handicap

A weekly paycheck is not security it's a handicap To many of us have "salaryitis" and we think it's one of the greatest evils in the world. When a person is given a salary he or she is afraid to risk it, and the American educational system compounds the problem.

Education in this country is almost totally committed to producing people to work as employees for someone else. The person who strikes out on their own is a dying breed, but the Future Millionaires Club is out to change that. is your destination for change in your life. We want to show people that there are other options available than just working for someone else.

This is an age of prosperous poverty, with most people running hard just to stay in the same place. It does not have to be that way. Political freedom does not mean much to someone who do not have enough money to pay their bills.

If you're already in business for yourself

If you're already in business for yourself •Cash an Insufficient Funds Check with a phone call.
•Hire a $100,000 a year executive as a consultant for your company for nothing!
•Get the United States Government to display you product in over a hundred countries for a few dollars!
•Run a "Disquised Ad" for your product in one hundred top magazines for as little as $1.00 each!
•Over twenty ways to find products.
•Get credit reports on most any company outside the U.S.A. for a few dollars!
•Receive a free list of hundreds of products every month, that you can tie up easily.
•Be wined and dined in top executives homes all over the world by making a simple phone call.
•Appear (or have your product appear) on TV stations for a few dollars.
•A sure-fire way to protect a hot new idea, so you can show it to every big company in the world , and they haven't got the slighest chance to steal it!
•Sell a product by mail order with positive no risk of your losiing an money on the ad.
•Exhibit at a trade show, even if you don't want to pay a penny for the space, travel or personnel to get there!

Ways To Find Products And Ideas

Ways To Find Products And Ideas Although your own imagination and resourcefulness may be the source of ideas for innovations, you may also want some outside help. You may want to look for such help among the kinds of sources described in the following paragraphs. Sometimes the most self-evident sources of new, sound ideas are overlooked. Trade Journals Many of them print case histories of businesses which succeeded largely because of new, but sound innovations. Look upon trade journal stories as thought starters. Some magazines have special service departments which are set up to answer specific questions readers care to submit to them. Trade Association Some maintain a model retail outlet which you vist; some new ideas may occur to you as a result. Often they provide business operating manuals, libraries, and research grants to universities for courses designed to develop new management ideas. Advertising And Sales Excutive Clubs The members deal in innovations. Sales executives sell them, advertising men proclaim them to the world. If you belong to any of these organizations, you are bound to pick up idea simulators. Conventions Speakers, panels, and films presented in convention sessions may stimulate your innovation thinking. So many exhibitors. Most importantly, conventions offer good opportunities to exchange ideas with other conventioneers. Libraries You'll find that there are books on various aspects of innovations. Colleges of Business Administration Their staff may be great help to you as consultants. Don't hesitate to contact them, and don't under estimate their practical knowledge of business, including small business. Professional Societies Accountants and lawyers may be good sources for ideas that may change certain phases of your business activities. So many other professional groups including, of course, management consultants.


Why Join The Future Millionaires Club


    Posted by Teamsalaryitis October 9, 2013

    We have learned something about success.  Whether it’s financial or personal it stems first from a state of mind.  The successful person must first develop the “idea” of success.  This idea develops into a “concept” which becomes a goal.  This success is born first in the mind and it is vital importance that the person trying for success has an atmosphere where success is accepted.  The business leaders all have clubs where they mingle with each other and exchange ideas and information.  They don’t do this because they are snobs or status seekers, but because they recognize mingling with successful people gives them ideas and inspiration for greater success themselves.


    I know that most people live rather mundane lives.  They associate with people who don’t understand the person who reaches for the “unreachable star.”  They are often scoffed at.  Their families, coworkers and friends are usually satisfied with whatever role fate has cast them and tend to view “ambition” with suspicion.   Thus, the ambitious person becomes defensive and secretive about his ideas, and loses the one thing he needs most understanding and help!


    This is the reason that we have formed “Future Millionaires Club.”  To provide a place for “star reachers” like you to join together and help each other to reach your goals.  A place where ambitious people can see success being achieved, listen to stories and learn of the methods that made success possible.  To meet with men and women who have risen above the crowd with ideas and methods used and freely discussed by club members.


    Our club for “Future Millionaires” is far more than just social network or club; it’s a place where you can learn observe success.  A place where you can freely and confidently discuss your “unreachable star” among people who will be rooting for you, helping you, believing in you.  Of such stuff comes success.


    This is a great country; we know what its opportunities have done for us and what it can do for you!  We want to hear of your dreams, and help you make them reality.  I want to be there to see you grab that star and put it in your pocket.

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