Solutions to solve Facebook Groups related issue

  • Facebook groups are a vital part of Facebook community as they provide you space to communicate about your interests and share them accordingly.  Anyone can create group for any suitable interest they may having or for any purpose. Having issues in Facebook? Dial +1-855-777-5686 Facebook tech support phone number USA to contact our Tech experts round the clock. You can create them to post anything you would like to share with the audience you have selected. Make a group about your last reunion with your closed ones, after-work sports team, a mass bunk, family members or with anyone and customize the group’s privacy settings accordingly to your need whom you wants to see and allows to post. Learn how to create a Facebook book here with these simple steps:

    1. Find the option “Add group” from your home page” on your Facebook profile and go to the Groups section present on the left side of menu
    2. Search for “Add group”
    3. Click on “Create new group”
    4. Name your group according to the content it will be having
    5. Add members whom you wants to allow see posts you will be posted in that group
    6. Choose the “Privacy settings” for that particular group
    7. Click on “Create” button
    8. Choose a suitable icon for your “Group”
    9. Complete the “About section”
    10. Your own personalized group is ready

    To add new members in a Facebook Group:

    1. Visit to the Group you want to add members in
    2. Click on “Members” below the group photo
    3. Click on “Add”
    4. Enter the name of peoples you want to add in the Group and click on their names

    To change the privacy settings of your group (if you are a group admin):

    1.       Click the three horizontal dots present on the top right location of your Group
    2.       Select “Edit Group settings”
    3.       Next to “Privacy” click Change Privacy settings and choose a new privacy setting
    4.       Click “Confirm”

    Depending on the size of Group, every admin can be changed its privacy

    If you are having a Group larger than 5,000 members or more, then the steps to change settings would be:

    The Group’s settings will be restricted to a limited action with this number of group members and more than them like to make the setting Closed to Secret and Secret and Public. This is just to protect the members of group from having their posts shared with audiences they did not intend to show. All the admins have 24 hours to change the settings back to previous.

    Note: All the members of the group will be notified once you have changed the privacy.

    How to pick group type for group Admin:


    1. Click the three horizontal dots symbol in top right of Group and select the “Edit Group Settings”
    2. “Pick a Group type” next to “Group type”
    3. Select the Group type and click on “Confirm”
    4. Scroll down to bottom and click “Save” to apply the settings you have created

    To leave a group:

    Click “Joined” at the top and select the option for “Leave Group”

    Once you left a Group:

    1. Members of the Group would not be notified
    2. You will be removed from the member list
    3. Group will be removed from your list of Groups
    4. You will be not getting Group notifications any longer
    5. The Group members will no longer know when you have seen a Group post even if you saw it before lefting the Group

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